ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality



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ISO 9001:2015 Quality

Improve efficiency, boost sales, increase savings, earn more revenues, and exceed customer and other regulatory requirements with the ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 is the oldest ISO standard and was revised in 2015.

Why has the standard been revised ?

ISO standards are reviewed every five years and revised if needed. This helps ensure they remain useful tools for the marketplace. The challenges faced by business and organizations today are very different from a few decades ago and ISO 9001 has been updated to take this new environment into account.

For example, increased globalization has changed the way we do business and organizations ofen operate more complex supply chains than they did in the past. In addition, there are increased expectations from customers and other interested parties and, with more access to information, today’s wider society has a stronger voice than ever before. ISO 9001 needs to reflect these changes in order to remain relevant.

What benefits does the new version bring ?

The new version of the standard brings the user a number of benefits. For example, ISO 9001:2015 :

  • Puts greater emphasis on leadership engagement
  • Helps address organizational risks and opportunities in a structured manner
  • Uses simplified language and a common structure and terms, which are particularly helpful to organizations using multiple management systems, such as those for the environment, health & safety, or business continuity
  • Addresses supply chain management more effectively
  • Is more user friendly for service and knowledge-based organizations

What are the major diferences ?

The most noticeable change to the standard is its new structure. ISO 9001:2015 now follows the same overall structure as other ISO management system standards (known as the High-Level Structure), making it easier for anyone using multiple management systems.

High Level Structure

Annex SL.9 High level structure, identical core text and common terms and core definitions for use in Management Systems Standards from now on:

  • Scope
  • Normative references
  • Terms and definitions
  • Context of the organization
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Improvement

I am currently using ISO 9001:2008. What should Ido ? 

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